Mahindra’s Electric Vehicles Coming Soon!

All e-cab service Blu Smart has endeavored 70 Mahindra eVerito in Delhi NCR region. These cabs are going to be available in Noida, Gurugram, Greater Noida, Delhi, and Ghaziabad. It is believed that Blu Smart is going to expand into various cities of India like Pune and Mumbai by adding 500 Mahindra eVerito sedans till 2020. The citizens of Delhi would be able to book the e-rides by using the application of Blu Smart. rnrnThe CEO of Mahindra Electric, Mahesh Babu, said, “Mahindra's electric vehicles have already crossed the landmark figure of 130 million electric kilometers, which in turn has helped to save over 11,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions across the country. Today, we are proud to flag off our zero-emissions, all-electric Mahindra eVerito sedans and make them available on the Blu Smart App. This marks another big step forward in the electric mobility revolution in India. Our partnerships with fleet operators are aimed at increasing the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles in the country, helping bring a positive change in consumer's daily commutes.” rnrnThe Co-founder of Blu Smart, Punit K Goyal, said, “Today's announcement is the first step towards transforming the way Delhi will commute. Blu Smart is bringing together the world's most innovative mobility concepts under a single mobility platform - RideSharing, CarSharing, and SharedCharging. We are delighted to induct Mahindra eVerito to our ridesharing fleet and are committed to having 500 Mahindra eVerito premium electric sedans in our fleet by April 2020. By August 2019, we will have 65 charging stations in the National Capital, which will be strategically located based on heavy traffic routes.”rnrnWhen the Mahindra eVerito Sedans would get launched, then it is going to help to save 2200 CO2 emissions in Delhi region. It is somewhat equal to planting more than 10,000 trees. Punit K Goyal also said that they are planning to commence long-distance intercity all e-rides. The real smart mobility revolution will only come if the significant mobility trends are connected, shared, autonomous, and electrically combined. He said that Blu Smart is aiming to bring a substantial transformation in the cities by providing sustainable and convenient mobility solutions.rn

How can the decision of Blu Smart be beneficial for the cities?

rnThe decision of Blu Smart to add 500 Mahindra e-sedans is quite unusual as it would help in preserving the environment. There has been a lot of pollution in Delhi/NCR region from a long time, and it can’t be reduced until some of the best steps are taken like driving electric vehicles. Blu Smart believes that demand for shared mobility would keep growing now, and it will happen due to some significant trends like sustainability, urbanization, along with the sharing economy of growth. rnrnTo boost up the charging infrastructure, the company has also installed a total of 15 charging points in NCR/Delhi. One can say that the addition of Mahindra eVerito sedans would bring a significant change. The addition of charging points is going to help eVerito to run on the roads for around 180km efficiently. Not only this but Blu Smart has also achieved the mileage of 187 per hour by charging Mahindra eVerito within a single charge. Till August 2019, the company would install around fifty more charging points. The charging points would be set-up on Delhi-Chandigarh and Delhi-Jaipur national highways. rnrnThe people also believe that the announcement of Blu Smart to add 500 Mahindra isn’t fake because they have taken they have executed their plan after making announcements earlier. The people can become a part of sustainable development by booking their electric car rides by using the application of Blu Smart. Although the decision taken by the company is going to help the city in reducing some pollution, the people also need to be aware of. rnrnSharing car rides would be more beneficial for everyone to save the planet Earth. That’s why the citizens should also help the company to grow. If the addition of 500 cars would become successful, then the company might also want to add more electric cars. The decision of Blu Smart might inspire the other car ride service providers to work on this aspect. One can say that the decision taken by Blu Smart is going to be an inspiration for several different car ride service providers, and they might also look forward to taking this decision soon. Now, this would only happen if the people would help Blu Smart to make their choice successful by booking e-rides.