Mahindra Stinger Convertible SUV To Debut at Auto Expo 2018

Auto Expo 2018 is a place for great deals and innovation models coming up now. So, Mahindra the car manufacturer company is all set for its new endeavor with its new model. The Stinger is the new upcoming model of the Mahindra. It will be a worth mention that company has a track record of giving such kind of pleasant surprises before also. This time the surprise will be a cherry on the cake.

The company has been working for few times on this upcoming project. The Stinger is a wonderful model to be up in the Auto Expo 2018. It is a model that is more enhanced and improvised from the previous models. The model seems to have a catchy look and is more pleasant to your eyes than the previous models was.

It is having a sleek design and various kinds of features enabling it to be the best models coming out this season. Well, this model was a hit other parts of the world. Now it is on the Indian stall. The model will see a huge praise from the Indian audience. For those this model reminds them of something, I have an answer to them. Bolero, yes, this model was earlier associated with this super hit model.

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But now it is not exactly the same. It has completely transformed into a compact convertible SUV. It is a surprise to many that the model is a compact SUV. SUVs in the market are facing quite good competition these days. The EVs and other kind of norms like BSVI are all up for the SUVs on Indian roads. Still the model with its wonderful features and looks is up on the Indian markets. It will a good time watching the competition.

Now coming to the design and the outlook of the model. This model is a wonderful piece of Auto makers. It is with a strong and beautiful design. It comes up with the various security features and air bags etc to ensure the buyers safety. It is with the different-different features to ensure the luxury of the buyer. Luxury is one such thing, that this model is very much famous for. It is a very good in the luxury and the sleek look.

The new model to come up is with a sporty outlook. It is having different features and powerful fuel engine for the same. Stinger is with a look that is more pleasant to the sporty lovers. It has a powerful engine of 1.5 Liter and is with a 100PS of power. Model is soon to have its entry in the Auto Expo 2018 for a kick start.