How To Look After Your Car In Winter

Winter comes with many challenges for the owners of all types of automobiles. It is especially troublesome for people owning cars. The situation is difficult in the places which face moderate winter but can be terrible in the tropical regions and hilly areas where heavy snowfall may occur, freezing point may soar high and the streets may also be snow-clad. To combat the situation, a little more alertness can make you able to enjoy the convenience of a car. In this article some simple car care tips have been compiled that can prove to be helpful towards making sure that your car continues in good situation throughout the winter.

Check for Illumination

In winter days are shorter, sun sets sooner than in summer. Hence, lighting becomes the major concern for the people. That's why the headlights should be fixed before the beginning of the season. If you are living in any hilly area and encounter frequent snowfall then at least clear it from the headlights. If you feel the need to get the headlights changed then you should do it fast.

Check if the Battery is functioning well

A battery is hard to operate in cold as compared to warm weather.  Battery functions well in summer season but in winter it does not do so. For checking a usual battery, take out the plastic ceiling on the top and test out the level of fluid. If it is low then get prepared to add distilled water. On maintenance-free batteries, check that the window at the top of the battery indicates a fully charged state. If you feel that the battery needs to be changed then get it done before winter.

The car should have an ample amount of Coolant


Coolant prevents the engine from freezing in frosty heats. Before the beginning of winter, you should make sure that your car has ample amount of coolant and also get assured that the engine is leakproof and there's nothing that will cause the coolant to drain out. Most of the mechanics' counsel drivers to use a mixture of coolant and water in their radiators, in equivalent amounts as a consequence of which there is a lower engine freezing point.

Check the level of Gasoline

The level of gasoline should be full during the winter. It may be due to several reasons, one of them being that the full tank may thwart collected water from freezing in the interior of fuel pump car and can help you out to continue to be warm by permitting the engine to keep functioning if you find yourself in the middle of some tricky situation. Simultaneously, a completely filled windshield-washer tank is incredibly significant. This is because chaotic road wreckage from a blizzard can every now and then impose continual window washing to help you view the streets properly.

Check the Tyre Pressure

It is exceptionally imperative to have awareness about tyre pressure as tire pressure can plummet along with the temperature of air. If you continue to drive around with low tyre pressure then you may encounter untimely tyre deterioration as a consequence of which you may have a major accident. If you feel that air pressure is not equal in both the tyres then get them filled at a gas station and release a little air because high temperatures begin to rise yet again in the spring season.

Check if defroster and climate control systems are working properly

Before the onset of winter you are advised to ensure that your car's window defroster and its climate control system are working properly. While the former keeps your windows from icing up, the climate control system keeps you warm in the winter and fogging up of your windows can be avoided. These two items are decisive to continue placate and security all the way through the winter.

It is assumed that you’ve known the basics car care tips and are well aware of car’s customary servicing.  Apart from these tips, the most important tip is that you should have your toolkit in the car so that you may tackle any abrupt problem that you face.