Let’s welcome this February Mahindra XUV Aero 2018

The Automotive market as we all know is evolving. The evolution is within the models and the technologies coming up in these manufacturer companies. Well, Mahindra is one such automaker known to thrill the buyers and its clients with its fascinating features, designs and more. This time the company will land in the market with a new model, the Mahindra XUV Aero. Its unique design will stop by the audience and the buyers across the market.

The model is with some of the special outlook designs. Yes, it’s bold new look will make you crazy. According to the sources, the XUV Aero is given the green signal for production for the buyers out there. Also this unique model will be designed by the Indian team from the inputs of the Pinfa
ia. Also, it is the first ever Mahindra vehicle to have received critical design inputs from the Italian design firm Pinfa

It is good news that the SUV will be the cheapest SUV coupe. The company is planning to put the price tag of Rs. 20-25 lakh on the SUV Aero. All it will make the unique SUV-Coupe Aero the cheapest car to carry the design. Sometime back the company announced that it is exploring the possibility of launching the Aero as an all-electric vehicle. However, the Mahindra has decided to use turbo diesel power.

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The model is with a sleek design and is enough to catch the visitors’ eyes single-handedly. It transforms into a model with fabulous looks, great interior cabin, and is with all the new features prevailing this time around. It comes in different variants. Also the glamour of the model and the company both are in vogue. Seems that the company has invested on the mass appeal through the design and pretty outlook.

The Aero will have a swooping roof that will give it a style statement for sure, but it will take away space from the vehicle. The spacious look of the design will not be there but there will not be any compromise with the luxury. After all the company and the previous designs are known for the luxurious statement it imparted on the audience.

Also the model unlike the XUV 500 gets 3-row seats that can seat up to 7 people; the XUV Aero will get only two-rows and 3-seats. The absence of row in the model will increase the leg space in the cabin. The model is seemed to be designed in a way to give more comfort and luxury to the driver and the subordinate.

The new model is all set to put the stage on fire with its forceful look and a mesmerizing design. So get ready for a great experience this February in the Auto Expo 2018.