Lectro Townmaster - Is this the future of Indian automobile industry? Let us have a closer look.

Electric vehicles are gaining significant popularity among Indian consumers in the past few years. With a massive number of people wanting to ride something eco-friendly, it is becoming a vital task for automobile manufacturers to focus on such vehicles. E-bikes and e-scooters are, as a result becoming the trending talk of the town in India. With rising pollution and overexploitation of resources, riding such vehicles is a necessity in today's time. The Lectro Townmaster is one such e-cycle which promises to deliver significantly greater performance and value for money when compared to other competitors in the market. So let us have a look at what this e-cycle promises to deliver.rnrnThe engine of Lectro Townmaster - how is it? rnrnThe Lectro Townmaster is supposedly going to be powered by a 250W power motor that is a Brushless DC Electric Motor or BLDC. The engine will be able to support the vehicle in a very simple yet efficient manner. Thus, ensuring that the rider gets the best stability and riding comfort while they are on this bicycle. The motor is powerful and helps to drive the vehicle with ease. At the same time, the engine has been integrated with a good suspension system which helps to provide better comfort on bumpy roads. Even though there has not yet been too much information regarding this bicycle, it is obvious that Lectro will surely work to provide better performance than most of the other such cycles in this range.rnrnBattery and charging time - is it efficient? rnrnWhenever you are going to purchase an electric vehicle it becomes very important that you consider the battery and charging time it comes with. The Lectro Townmaster can travel up to 25 km on a single charge without any hassle and sometimes it can even extend farther. The charging time is less as it takes only three hours to completely charge from 0 to 100%. With such less charging time, it becomes much easier for you to travel to different places in a very quick span of time. However,  other computing electric bike and scooters like the Hero Electric NYX offers more than 75kms of mileage and 10-12 hours of riding ability. That makes the Lectro Townmaster a not so suitable e-bike for the long distance in any way.rnrnOther features - What do we know till now? rnrnAs of now, the exact and accurate features are still unannounced. However, we can understand that the Lectro Townmaster is going to arrive in style. It has a sleek and sophisticated design which provides the rider with the perfect athletic look. It will be available in different color variants, thus allowing you to choose your favorite. The tires will be made of the tubeless system which ensures more stability and durability at the same time.rnrnAccording to the bus that has been created it is been considered that this vehicle will be priced anywhere between INR 35,000. If you need to travel short distances frequently then the Lectro Townmaster will be the best option in the coming days of 2019 without a second thought.