Lectrix EV launches high speed e-scooter at INR 49,999 sans battery

New Delhi: Lectrix EV, the electric mobility division of the legendary SAR Group, launches a groundbreaking E2W at just INR 49,999. Lectrix EV is the first OEM, particularly in India, to separate the battery from the vehicle and provide it to customers as a service.

Ideal for effortless travel for value-conscious customers, the E2W all-in-one makes owning an electric car easier. The company said customers pay nearly 40% less and get 100% more from an electric vehicle.

The company said in a press release that the product comes with a range of up to 100 kilometers on a single charge, speed clocking around 50 kmph and a lifetime battery warranty.

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“This new electric two-wheeler offers unparalleled affordability with an ex-showroom price starting at INR 49,999,” said Pritesh Talwar, Electric Vehicle Business Head, Lectrix EV. Consumers get a high-speed electric car at the expense of a low-speed car. “This disruptive pricing strategy eliminates the need to rely heavily on government support, ensuring a sustainable and economically viable solution for both OEMs and customers.”

“The concept is simple yet transformative: by delinking the battery from the vehicle and offering it as a service, the electric vehicle experience becomes easier and more affordable for customers. When you compare our Battery on Subscription model to ICE vehicles, the benefits of the former are incomparable. The initial cost of purchasing an ICE vehicle amounts to INR 1 lakh, which is double the cost of our offer. Moreover, the monthly investment in petrol is increasing, and this, combined with the maintenance cost of an ICE vehicle, makes our subscription plan more economical. He added, “The major challenges for EV adoption have been "High prices and uncertainty around the battery, with this launch we have solved both these challenges."

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