Kia vs Hyundai | Which Car Brand is Better | All about Kia and Hyundai

Kia and Hyundai are popular car brands amongst Astoria drivers, as both offer affordable, reliable vehicles. However, if you’re trying to find the very best option for your daily drives and adventures, you might be wondering which is better, Kia or Hyundai? Warrenton Kia knows that every vehicle purchase is a major decision, and we want nothing more than to see you drive away with a smile on your face. Compare Kia vs Hyundai on all key points below, and get in touch today with any questions you have.rn

Kia vs Hyundai: Car options

rnKia offers a wider range of cars than Hyundai. Currently, Kia offers 18 different model options. This selection of vehicles includes sedans, minivans, SUVs, electric vehicles (EV), and hybrids. On the other hand, Hyundai offers a variety of only 13 options, consisting of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid cars, and fuel cell vehicles.rn

Kia vs Hyundai: Warranty

rnimgrnrnWhether you're on a Kia or Hyundai model, you can get comfortable when driving on coastal roads. The Kia Warranty and Hyundai Warranty consist of a Limited Long-Term Base Warranty and a much more impressive 10-year / 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty.rn

Kia vs Hyundai: Technology

rnKia models offer UVO, a remote information and entertainment system that allows you to perform a variety of actions, including connecting your phone to Bluetooth, sending your car's location to your phone, and more. Hyundai has a similar system called the Hyundai Blue Link.rn

Kia vs Hyundai: Exterior design

rnKia and Hyundai cars look different. Therefore, which brand you prefer aesthetically will depend on your taste. Kia cars tend to have a sporty design, while Hyundai cars take on a streamlined, flowing shape.rn

Kia vs Hyundai: Safety features

rnWhile the Kia and Hyundai models offer advanced safety features, Kia models come with a variety of active and passive safety features, including:rnrn

Kia vs. Hyundai: Vehicle Comparisons

rnimgrnrnThe answer to your question, which is better? This depends, at least on some level, on your preferences. However, the truth is that Kia models always offer more for less, and at the same time, they are professional. They provide various performance advantages. If you're interested in sporty and dynamic design features and a more vibrant and contemporary look that reflects what's under the hood, we know you'll find more to love in our range.rn

Are Kia and Hyundai the same company?

rnIs Kia owned by Hyundai? Believe it or not, that's a question we hear a lot at our agency in Warrenton. After all, those who have done their research know that there are some important similarities between the models in their font. Although Hyundai is not the parent company of Kia Motors, there is some truth to this. Hyundai and Kia are headquartered in South Korea, and Hyundai owns 33.8% of Kia Motors.rnrnKia Motors was founded in 1944, while Hyundai was incorporated separately in 1967. Aside from their headquarters in the same city, the two companies were completely separate until later. When Hyundai made its first major purchase of Kia Motors stock in 1998, it acquired 51% of the company. Today, they only own about 1/3 of Kia Motors, but close ties between the two organizations still exist.rnrnREAD MORE: Best sedans under 10 lakhs 2020 – Autonexa