Kia launches 4 new variants of Sonet with premium features starting at INR 8.10 lakh

New Delhi: Kia India has introduced 4 new entry and mid-variants in the refreshed Sonet, adding features like sunroof for prices starting at INR 8.10 lakh.

The new HTE(O) and HTK(O) models are now available with the G1.2 and 1.5 CRDi VGT diesel engines. While the HTE(O) gets an added sunroof over the existing HTE model, the HTK(O) gets a sunroof, connected LED taillights, fully automatic climate control (FATC) and a rear defogger over the features of the existing HTK variant, the company said.

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Kia India also offers an all-window up and down safety system with the GTX+ and HTX+ variants. HTE and HTK customers have the option to choose from three new colors: Aurora Black Pearl, Imperial Blue and Pewter Olive. With the added variants and features, the company aims to further enhance the value for money and offer the Sonet to every segment of Indian SUV buyers, the company said in a press release.

“The new Sonet that was launched a few months ago has received great feedback from our new-age customers,” said Myung Sik Soon, Director, Sales and Commercial, Kia India. “With the new update, we aim to create premium features like the sliding roof and the taillights.” Connected is more available to basic and mid-range buyers. This update underscores our commitment to providing high-quality features at all price levels. The Sonet also has the lowest maintenance cost in its class according to industry research, enhancing the Sonet's overall appeal and meeting the changing needs of our discerning customers.

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