Kia Carnival Now Costs Similar To A Higher-Spec Toyota Innova Crysta

Kia Caival luxury minivan has been on sale since February 2020 in India. While the automaker has been offering MPVs with various benefits since September 2020, it is now attracting maximum savings in the form of significant cash discounts. The following are various offers applicable until July 31, 2021:

Offer Amount
Cash Discount on Premium Rs 3.75 lakh
Cash Discount on Prestige and Limousine Rs 2.5 lakh

The base-spec Premium variant is offered at a maximum discount of Rs.3.75 lakh, while the mid-spec Prestige and the high-spec limousine get savings of Rs.2.5 lakh each. Here's a quick look at their different variant prices:


Kia Carnival base-spec premium variant

Variant Price
Premium (7-seater) Rs 24.95 lakh
Premium (8-seater) Rs 25.15 lakh
Prestige (7-seater) Rs 28.95 lakh
Prestige (9-seater) Rs 29.95 lakh
Limousine (7-seater) Rs 33.95 lakh

These discounts put the Caival in stiff competition with the higher variants of the relatively smaller Toyota Innova Cresta. Here's how its variants compare now:

Toyota Innova Crysta Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota Innova Crysta Kia Ca
Variant Price Variant Discounted Price (For July 2021)
VX MT (7-seater) Rs 21.85 lakh Premium (7-seater) Rs 21.20 lakh
VX MT (8-seater) Rs 21.90 lakh Premium (8-seater) Rs 21.40 lakh
ZX MT (7-seater) Rs 23.39 lakh Prestige (7-seater) Rs 26.45 lakh
-- -- Prestige (9-seater) Rs 27.45 lakh
ZX AT (7-seater) Rs 24.59 lakh Limousine (7-seater) Rs 31.45 lakh

Based on the table above, we can see that the Carnival Diesel automatic's lowered base trim makes it more affordable than the Innova Crysta's second to top manual VX trim. However, given that we consider the main variants of the Kia MPV, the Innova Crysta is more affordable.

Kia also offers customers a "Satisfaction Guarantee Plan" where new buyers can retu
the vehicle if they are not satisfied with it and benefit from 95 percent of the total costs incurred.

 Kia Carnival Interior

Kia Carnival comes with a single 2.2-litre diesel engine that produces 200 bhp and 440 Nm. This engine is exclusively mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

There is no direct competitor to the luxury minivan from Kia in India. It is placed on top of the Toyota Innova Crysta but below the Toyota Vellfire and Mercedes-Benz V-Class.