Jaguar E‑PACE | Compact Performance SUV

The new Jaguar E-pace easily passes the eye test with its amazing visuals and pegs the quality meter with joyful driving responses.  Unluckily, this luxury-subcompact crossover costs too much and hugely ignores its primary motive. This model shares a platform with Evoque Range Rover, but its driver-focused cabin and its curvy sheet metal imitate the Jaguar F-type. An all-wheel-drive comes standard and a sporty turbo four-cylinder, both are improved on the R-dynamic model. While its regular model we have tested had average performance stats, its precise steering and comfy ride were surprisingly satisfied. Still, its cramped back seat and second-rate interior materials are worse than any of its rivals. Low practicality and high price aside, this jag is still entertaining.rnrnLows: limited back-seat space, Hit-or-miss interior materials, unjustified sticker price.  rnrnHighs:  playful driving experience, Distinct Jaguar design, serene ride quality. rnrnVerdict: Jaguar's tiniest crossover is expensive but entertaining.rnrnJaguar E-Pace Pricing and Which One to BuyrnrnThe price of the Jaguar E-pace is more than its competitors such as the Volvo XC40 and the BMW X1 – and that is before including any extensions. This model starts at $39,595, but if you opt for the better engine and every other optional feature it exceeds $60,000. Since this model of Jaguar is lacking the luxury and practicality for its cost, we believe the second-lowest trim and standard four-cylinder powertrain is the best value for money. What that means is avoiding the R-dynamic model and going for the P250 S, which still has all-wheel-drive and ample power. While a lot of choices will instantly increase its cost, who wish to have a luxury car with all the luxury features. rn




rnWith its muscular rear haunches and sculpted bonnet, E PACE is an agile, dynamic SUV with the lines of a vehicle. For the amazing and eye-catching road presence, E-pace features signature LED rear lights and sleek LED highlights. To enhance the safety feature with style, select optional Matrix LED headlights with Animated Indicators and signature Daytime Running Lights.rn


rnWith its competemprory design and high-quality materials, E pace has an amazing driver-focused interior. The entire cockpit wraps around the rider, Putting every dials and control within an easy reach, so the driver can focus on the thrill of the ride.rn




rnFind out the joy of driving the E-PACE. Providing an innovative balance between comfort and agility of the ride, the totally independent suspension system of the E-pace contains a comprehensive multi-link rear suspension design. optional Adaptive dynamics of the advanced driving tech guarantees that E-pace provides controlled, agile ride.rn


rnDeveloped to make your ride more enjoyable and safer. E-pace vehicle technology includes touch pro infotainment feature with 10” tablet-style touchscreen.rn


rnJaguar E-pace features leading interior stowage. It has an extremely flexible space because of its deep center console with removable cup holders. The huge glove box is perfect for each of those essentials you wish to keep close by and both front door bins have been made to contain a range of things.