India gets an all-new 4WD tractor from John Deere

India has been presented with an all-new four-wheel-drive 3028EN tractor on the 20th anniversary of the company. The new tractor from John Deere is equipped with all the latest technologies as well as features that are exclusively designed for paddy and orchard farming. rnrnFor the last twenty years, the company has been committed to building the best quality of tractor and has also invested hugely in the state-of-the-art factories, new services, as well as other innovative products for enhancing the productivity of the Indian farmers. The main motto behind the manufacturing of the tractor is to provide the Indian farmers with the tractor that are much more advanced in technology. With the help of these advanced-technology products from John Deere, the Indian farmers can now yield more products in a shorter time. There is a wide range of farming products available at the store of John Deere such as harvesters, implements as well as a wide range of tractors. rnrnAs per the recently released statement on the 20th anniversary of the company by the Managing director, the journey of the company started around 20 years ago when the Indian farming industry was lacking advanced technology. The birth of the company introduced the Indian farmers with technically advanced products such as a tractor with power steering, planetary reduction, disc brakes immersed in lubrication, high torque machines as well as planetary reduction. John Deere is the first person in India who has bought in such huge change in the Indian farming industry. And now, the innovation has now become the industry standard. Moreover, the MD further said that the company has partnered with plenty of crop value chain farmer for a better and diverse farming solution. Moreover, the company has also implemented numerous safety features in their equipment such as seat belts, rollover protection and plenty of other safety equipment. All the products from the company have gained huge popularity among the farmers. rnrnAs of now, the company has harvester manufacturing plant at Sirhind, engineering and technology centre in Pune, Tractor manufacturing plant at Dewas and Pune, Electronic manufacturing in Pune and have a part distribution centre at Nagpur. The company has been providing their innovative farming solution all around the world. The advanced feature such as air-conditioned cabin, front PTO, perma-clutch, power reverse and telematics is what have been attracting the attention of the customers. rnrnAs per the director of the company, Rajesh Sinha, the main reason behind the rise of the company has been its diversity of product. They manufacture a product which is suitable for all agro-climatic condition as well as for a variety of crops. Moreover, the financial service provided by the company is transparent, quick and reliable which makes it easier for customers to get their products with ease. rnrnAs of now, the company is exporting their world-class products to more than 110 countries and has also won numerous awards and has been the winner of the Export Excellent Promotion Council award for the last 15 years.rnrnRead more- Types of Tractors – How Many Do You Know?