Hyundai Kona and Tucson Facelift First Drive

The Hyundai brought Tucson which is a refreshed SUV and has made its international debut a few months before in the year 2018 in New York’s motor show. The Tuscan car has got the styling tweaks to the nose and mild designing updates in headlights with entirely new LED units. The monthly sales of Tucson have reached up to 200 units, and this isn’t a successful deal for Hyundai. Due to the addition of wheel drive version and the low prices trimming, this SUV provides consistent driving. The Hyundai Kona & Tucson Facelift is something for which the SUV lovers were waiting for.

What’s new in the Hyundai Tucson?

With the Tucson Facelift, the customers will get a 1.6-liter diesel engine, and the all-wheel-drive versions are going to be on sale. There are styling tweaks on both inside and outside the car, but the shape of the headlamps hasn't changed. The grilles of the car have been designed again, and bumpers are entirely new. Hyundai has changed wheel designs and along with fuel filler. The car has got a multimedia screen, but facelift has a free tab design, and it goes perfectly with the interior design of Tucson. The visibility is improved, and the newer screen has better touchscreen and graphics.

In the Tucson facelift, the biggest challenge is the dashboard and the multimedia screen. In this car, the screen is connected with a dash. The facelift uses floating table design, and Tucson has got amazing interiors with a fresh look. The visibility of the car also has been improved, and there are some features which are also not present in the car. This car comes with bottle holders and cup convenience. The storage space of this car will be just similar to the current model available in the market.

How’s the Tucson test drive?

Hyundai Kona & Tucson Facelift

Talking about First Drive Tucson, there haven't been many changes in it. The same sized tires, the suspension is used in it along with the similar kind of steering. The Tucson facelift is present with the stiffness hint and can also ride on the smaller bumps. It also has got the fantastic capability to drive over large bumps and potholes without any difficulty. The car doesn’t tu
so smoothly when the tu
comes, but it doesn't roll around much. In India, this car won’t have the 1.6 liters of diesel engine, and it is excellent news. There isn’t the presence of seven-speed dual auto clutch. The car has got a new suspension system along with All LED headlight lamps and top trimmed system. These improvements might or might not be worth it, but it all depends upon the choice of buyers. The new generation car which is going to release in 2021 is going to be worth buying definitely with broader and longer body structure and several new features.

Hyundai Kona Facelift and test drive

Among the Hyundai Kona & Tucson Facelift, the Kona is priced around Rs.20 to 25 lakhs and comes with 134hp of electric motor and 39.2 kWh battery. The battery of the car is larger and it has got a stronger motor. The 395 Nm of torque can make it a fantastic choice for the car lovers. There is some anxiety when it comes to buying electric cars because Indian car buyers aren’t much habitual of it. The Kona can easily blend with the other motor cars running on the road and it is quite an effortless car driving. The seats of the car are really comfortable, and it has got a lot of acceleration force. It is one of the most innovative cars of Indian and its exterior is made with daytime running lights and new headlights. The test drive of the car is incredible as the engine, suspension, and the whole mechanical system of the car is steady.

The interior of the car has got integrated indicators and stylish tail lamps. As per the safety features, the car comes with dual airbags and parking assistant system. The exterior of the car has got sharp designing with a styled bonnet and new radiator grille and quite impressive surroundings. The braking system of the car has got disc brakes on the front, and it has the drum brakes on the rear side. The dual front airbags provide full safety to the passengers. The fantastic exterior design of the Hyundai Kona makes it a desirable car for the customers. The interiors of the car are sophisticated, and the entertainment features are also the decisive point of this car.

Hyundai Kona & Tucson Facelift