How to take care of your car during lockdown?

The number of cases of COVID-19 has been increasing rapidly in the last few weeks. Therefore, many state governments are looking forward to a lockdown with different types restrictions. States like Maharashtra are considering total lockdown due to the number of patients in the state are increasing. On the other hand, states like Delhi and UP have announced night curfews, while others have announced that they will remain closed over the weekend. The common man knows that his car will also lie idle during lockdown. Therefore, to ensure that the car remains in good condition after lockdown ends, you have to keep few things in mind. Here are some key points on how to take care of your car during lockdown:rnrn1. Tyre PressurernrnIf you keep car tyres in the same position for several weeks, they may crack and burst under the constant pressure of your car. To prevent this, you should move your car for 8-12 minutes after every two days in order to ease the pressure on tyres. You also need to check the spare tyre when you go for filling air in your car tyres as the spare tyre maybe very helpful in emergency situations.rnrn2. BatteryrnrnIf you do not use your car, you can disconnect the battery from the negative terminal to prevent discharge. Another method is to start the car and drive it once a week. Even if you are using a very good quality battery don't neglect the fact that it will get depleted if you don't drive the vehicle at all.rnrn3. Cover the ExteriorrnrnIt is always a good idea to park the car in the shade to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. While a private car park or garage is the best option, using a car cover would also be a convenient option.rnrnWash your car regularly as prolonged exposure to dirt, steam and birds can damage the paint. Ordinary car shampoo, bucket of water and microfiber cloth can help you with this. If you like to spend time with the car, washing and waxing your wax can also be a helpful move.rnrn4. Keep Check on FuelrnrnEven if you don’t take your car out every day,  keep the fuel in the tank to a good level for any emergency. This is to prevent high and dry conditions on the road during lockdown. If the fuel is low, the air above the fuel might condense and store moisture inside the tank over a period of time which could cause rusting.rnrn5. Block all air intakesrnrnThe only thing you want when you take your car for a ride for first time, after lockdown, is it to smell good. If you feel tired every day by cleaning the AC, there is a way to overcome it. You can block possible air entry and exit routes that will prevent mice or other insects from entering. However, be sure to remove the objects used to block air intakes before starting the vehicle.rnrnAlso Read: Top 10 car maintenance tips for car carefree drivingrnrnAlso Read: Car Gadgets That Are Useful