What makes Honda X-ADV unique?

Honda X-ADV


Innovations in the design of bikes and scooters have not seen much growth over the past few years. It is simply because nothing much can be changed from the basic structure of the vehicle as changing mean the bike may lose its maneuverability and comfort while riding. When things seem bland for a long-time Honda took this as a challenge and came up with a design that made sure it made some eyes tu
. Honda launched the X-ADV in 2018 and it has been on the talks since then. Honda claims this to be a scooter but the specification and looks of this tell otherwise.

What makes this different from the rest?

This is definitely a head-tu
er. By the design of this bike, it is made to look like a scooter with comfortable legroom and under-seat storage unit with a long and wide seat for both the passengers. On the other hand, the built on this is more like an adventure sports bike with a chain system rather than the belt seen in the conventional scooters. It also has an automatic 6-speed gear transmission to accommodate the power generated by the 745 CC engine that this carries. 

Specification of the scooter 


The engine on this bike is a liquid-cooled L2 SOHC engine of 745 CC capacity. It pushes out a maximum power of 68 Nm @ 4750 rpm. The maximum torque generates is about 40.3 Nm @ 6250 rpm. 

Since this is has a chain system it consists of a dual-clutch 6 transmission gearbox, which can also be manually operated if the rider feels so. 


For the suspension, the front is supported with a telescopic suspension unit and the rear has a preload Pro-link shock absorber for maximum comfort during the off-road adventure this bike is mean t for.


The front, as well as the back, have duel disc set up. In the front, it is fitted with a 296 mm dual disc set up and for the back, it has a 240 mm dual disc set up. It also has 2 channel ABS configurations.


The front wheel on this has a dimension of 120/70 R17 while the rear type is 160/60 R15. This inclination is a provider for better ride comfort and also for stability.


The bike has no keyholes, instead, it is fitted with a knob to start and kill the engine. This knob is placed just under the handlebar. 

The instruction meter on this vehicle is completely digital. It displays the speed, mileage, fuel capacity, engine condition, and gear position.

The gear transmission on this bike is automatic, but it can be switched to manual if the rider prefers it. The gears can be shifted using the special switch that is placed on the left-hand side of the handlebar. Once you stop switching the gears manually when it is in manual mode the system by default and takes over the automated gear changing mechanism. 

The headlamp and the tail light are both LED for maximum brightness at lowered power consumption.

Other features

The under-seat storage has a good 21 liters of storage are to keep all the valuables. The storage are also has a mobile charging port along with an LED bulb for inte
al lighting.

Since this was designed to be an off-road vehicle the ground clearance is a bit high for better performance in off-road conditions.

The graphics on the bike is sharp and on point, this makes sure the aerodynamic design of the scooter pops out even to the untrained eyes.


The Honda X-ADV though seems to a futuristic-looking design for a scooter it seems a bit ambitious. And a lot of this criticism is due to its high price point. Clearly this is not a bike for everyone. One has to be a hardcore off-road adventure enthusiast if they are looking to buy this bike for themselves. The design though seems different seems brilliant there are still few skeptical opinions for the design. Overall experts are still confused to finalize which category of two-wheeler this falls under.  Technically it is a scooter but a scooter does not have its engine at the front. Whatever may be the reason this bike has earned a name for it and will hope to do so in the future as well.

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image source-Newcastle Motorcycles, motorcycle.com