Honda Activa 5G vs TVS Jupiter

Along with the growing craze of buying the perfect scooter within a nominal budget, there are many options available for the buyers from different manufacturers that put you in a dilemma of which one to go with. Among the established brands, the TVS Jupiter and the Honda Activa are the most relied ones to provide nicely-designed scooters which are good on performance parameters as well.rnrnHere is a detailed comparison between the Honda Activa 5G and the TVS Jupiter based on the price, specifications & other important features. The Honda Activa 5G starts from Rs. 52,443 and the TVS Jupiter is priced at a starting range of Rs. 50,566. rnrnThe mileage claims for the two are as follows: For the Honda Activa 5G it is claimed to be 45-50 kmpl and the TVS Jupiter has a mileage claim which is approximately around 62 kmpl. rnrnThe Honda Activa 5G is available in a single color while TVS Jupiter comes with a collection of 7 different shades.rnrnIn terms of engine, the Honda Activa 5G comes with a 109.19 cc engine whereas TVS Jupiter is powered by 109.7 cc engine. While the Honda Activa 5G has a fan-based cooling system the TVS has a slightly primitive air cooling system. rnrnThe fuel tank capacity is slightly different, as the Honda Activa 5G has a total capacity of 5.3L while the TVS Jupiter is of 5L only.rnrnHonda Activa 5G is powered by a 109cc, single cylinder HET engine offering 8 PS power at 7,500 rpm and 9 Nm torque at 5,500 rpm. TVS Jupiter also gets a 109cc, single cylinder engine producing 8 PS power at 7,500 rpm and 8 Nm torque at 5,500 rpm. rnrnHowever, the stark contrast between them is the chassis and suspension. The Honda Activa has spring-loaded hydraulic-type front suspension while the TVS Jupiter has gas charged Mono Shock at the rear and advance telescopic suspension at the front, which give a comfortable ride for any type of road condition, 40–45 kmpl mileage on the road as well as highways and much more.rnrnThe Activa 5G comes with steel wheels and drum brakes while Combi Brake System is featured in case of the TVS Jupiter which has alloy wheels with the optional braking system.rnrnThe Activa 5G and the TVS Jupiter both have a unique design. The Activa 5G gets similar design as seen on its previous version. The Activa 5G comes with a full LED headlamp which is a remarkable feature in the 110cc scooter segment and is one of the first in the market to do so. It also has a digital and analog console which features both the indicator lights and Eco Mode lights.rnrnThe Honda Activa is the segment topper and has always been the highest selling two-wheeler product in India. However, the new updated TVS Jupiter has got many goodies to stand firm against the Honda Activa and I feel it can take on the Honda scooter any day on any parameter.