Gulf car wash expo in Dubai

The 4th publication of Gulf Car Wash Car Care Expo is now reaching on the land of a country in UAE or United Arab Emirates for next coming successful exhibition following the success of its 2017 edition. The exhibition is well located to feature top-in-class car wash-down and repairs products, auto-detailing technologies, solutions and services from different sections of the industry, with emphasis on energy and water conservation.rnrnThis is the county’s only occasion committed to this segment, conveying under one place, then promoting car care, car wash and auto detailing proprietors, operators, equipment and accessories builders, suppliers and distributors from the area and global market, therefore offering outstanding business and networking chances.rn

Niche Segment Highlight

rnrnGoing forward with the top-class of the exhibition, the version will fetch in more companies in the company featuring the cutting-edge novelties, products, and technology in the Middle East market.rnrnOur show booth creators and manufacturers will provide your brands and products an innovative measurement.rnrnGulf Car Wash will feature with top-in-class car wash and preservation products and services from varied sections of the industry, with a prominence on energy and water conservation. The exhibition fetches together various car wash proprietors, operators, equipment manufacturers, and dealers from the international and provincial markets. The emphasis of the event increases further than four wheels to comprise other vehicles such as trucks, trailers, buses, along with rail and aircraft cleaning and preservation. rnrnGulf Laundrex will introduce leading dry cleaning and laundry proprietors, operators, distributors, and industrialists of equipment and tools for the institutional, commercial, and healthcare segments. The exhibition will showcase with linen and chemical dealers and washing advisers from local and global markets. The occasion’s entrance is in time, with the area’s rising hospitality and healthcare subdivisions and highly growing demand for washing products and services.rnrnGulf Car Wash and Gulf Laundrex are co-positioned with the Clean Middle East Pulire (CMEP Expo). All three displays are introduced by Virtual Info Systems (VIS) Exhibitions and Conferences.rn

Visitors of Dubai Car Wash & Car Care Expo 2018:


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rnrnGulf Car Wash is the leading occasion in the MENA Region including leading car care, car wash, auto detailing solutions and service providers from numerous sectors of the company as well as equipment and fixtures makers. The 2018 installment is avant-garde and will also emphasis industry creativities for energy and water conservation. Attendees from the segment, along with general car enthusiasts, have the greatest opportunity to come across with dealers and suppliers from individual local and global markets.rnrnGulf Laundrex is an absolutely vital trade occasion for the laundry and dry cleaning industry in the MENA Area. The 2018 installment has features of the top firms, brands with the cutting-edge technologies, innovations, products, and services, and is an outstanding opportunity for exhibitors and guests to network and market, networking thoroughly with top manufacturers, dealers, service providers, and other industry specialists.rnrnIncluding more and more opportunity and interest in 2017, is the co-site of Gulf Car Wash – Car Care Expo 2017. Showcasing with a wide-ranging program, this episode of the expo is intended at car care, car wash and auto detailing owners, operators, tools and accessories manufacturers, dealers and providers from the regional and global market. It offers a superb atmosphere for both innovative businesses and networking opportunities, along with the opportunity to learn about the state-of-the-art industry progressions.rnrnWith a world correctly engrossed on influence researches and sustainability, Gulf Carwash and Gulf Laundrex will this year look at the overview of The Green Zone. A committed section within the expo to show ecological and green product developments from their particular companies.