GM Partners With EVgo To Add 2,700 New Fast Chargers in US

The automaker said Friday that General Motors has partnered with EVgo, the provider of the electric car charging station, to add 2,700 new fast chargers that the general public in the United States can access in the next five years.rnrnThe move comes as GM is expected to launch several new electric vehicles in the coming years, and the partnership will strengthen the public fast-charging network for electric vehicle drivers.rnrn"We need millions of electric cars on the road to have a beneficial effect (in reducing emissions)," said GM Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra.rnrnNew Fast Chargers New Fast Chargersrnrn"We know how important the environmental charging system is to drivers, a system that includes access to fast, general, convenient, and reliable shipments."rnrnThe automaker declined to say how much money it was investing in the initiative but said fast-charging stations would be available to customers from early 2021.rnrnEVgo currently owns and operates more than 800 fast-charging locations across 34 U.S. states.rnrnAlso Read: Jeep Compass Night Eagle launched at Rs 20.14 lakh