First Rolls-Royce EV To Have A Range Of Over 500km

Last year, with the launch of the Phantom VIII, Rolls Royce confirmed that it will launch soon an EV in next few years. It also disclosed that it will directly build an electric vehicle without taking any interim step by building an hybrid. Hence is the new model of Rolls-Royce, the Rolls Royce EV Is to launch to win the hearts of the riders expecting for a boom.

To plan the success the company has already started asking its customers what they would like to have in the RR EV. The tactics is to touch those who will be key reason for the success of the model. Also it is said from the officials that the RR EV should have a range of 500-600km. We all know the company takes their words seriously hence we can surely expect the RR EV to have a range of 500km.

The RR EV is expected to have a major adaptation from the Phantom VII Spaceframe Platform as it in its current state is not capable of accommodating an electric powertrain. No outlandish designs will be there in this new model. Rather, it will be pretty simple as the electric vehicles will become commonplace by the time RR EV goes on sale.

It is not for the first time RR will try its hands on EV. Back in 2011, the British manufacturer showcased an EV concept based on Phantom VIII. The RR EV is ready for the changes it wants to impart on the minds of the people.

The RR EV has a stylish design with decorate interior and smart technologies to make your life easier while driving the best of the brands in the world. The company has already tested the waters by launching the similar models and have a good knowledge about the markets of EV, hence is the reason why will come up as a great model.

Making an EV suits to the luxury British Marque as we know how focused the brand is towards making its cars silent. Replacing the V12 with an electric powertrain will further help the manufacturer make a super car.