EVRE partners with Zyngo for parking, charging infrastructure solutions

New Delhi: Electric vehicle charging service provider EVRE said on Tuesday that it has partnered with EV logistics platform Zyngo for parking and charging infrastructure solutions. Under this partnership, EVRE will offer 5,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across India over the next 24 months, which will be utilised by Zyngo and other electric vehicle fleet owners, the company said in a statement.

Zyngo will use these chargers to extend its last-mile access as it looks to leverage increased growth opportunities through geographic expansion, while EVRE will design, manufacture, implement, operate and maintenance of the EV charging infrastructure.

In the first phase, EVRE will support Zyngo with 500 charging stations for its fleet of 500 EVs. He added that EVRE will lease the land, provide parking and charge for infrastructure, operation and maintenance, and will take care of the insurance, security and protection of these centers.

"Over the next several months, as Zyngo expands to new cities, EVRE will provide support to park and charge the dedicated EV fleet with its existing and future infrastructure at the respective locations," the statement said.

Zyngo will also integrate demand aggregation, supply optimization and connectivity to the charging infrastructure, and will help EVRE determine where to install the charging stations for optimal use.

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5,000 chargers will be integrated with the rest of the electric vehicle ecosystem throughout the country through the EVRE application. This will allow operators of Zyngo's two- and three-wheel fleets to use smart, slow and fast, unmanned chargers capable of measuring, billing and collecting payments.

Commenting on the partnership, EVRE Co-Founder and CEO Krishna K Jasti said the company aims to increase the value of new businesses by co-creating with services and businesses, and is looking to develop an integrated ecosystem for EV fleet owners as well as EV users across the country.

"Zyngo, with its unique offering, is an appropriate partner where both organizations will mutually benefit from the mutual use of resources in the electric vehicle ecosystem," Jasti added.

Zyngo founder and CEO Prateek Rao said that Zyngo has been driving the electrification of local delivery services across the e-commerce spectrum and that the initiative requires collaboration to enable the enhancement of the electric vehicle ecosystem in the space. last mile delivery.

"EVRE's advanced charging infra combined with Zyngo's advanced and fully efficient platform for logistics technology and fleet management will strive the EV ecosystem and enable faster adoption," Rao added.

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