Datsun Go Plus Or Tata Tiago?

The Datsun Go Plus has finally been out in the market and it has the ability to change Datsun's fortunes in India. But at the same time, Tata Tiago has hit the roads and we’re in a dilemma already.

Let’s have a glance through some of its features and specifications to identify the best for you.


While Datsun Go + has an In-Line engine type, Tata Tiago has a Revotron engine. It looks good in spellings and names when written on paper, but hey, Datsun Go certainly feels much more powerful.  The engine displacement difference is not even much of a difference, hardly 1cc. So that’s not a thing to worry. Both of the cars are petrol based, however, the power of Datsun Go + is 67bhp and that of Tiago is 84bhp.

Seating Capacity

Datsun has positioned itself in a way for big families and attempted to completely change the way a family commutes. It promises the comfort and seating for 5+2 whereas Tiago can have a maximum of only 5 people in the car. This is one advantage Datsun holds in the market targeting another segment altogether.

Additional features

Petty but crucial features like power windows, central locking, Anti-lock braking system and airbags- all of these are provided by Tata Tiago unlike Datsun Go +. This is one aspect that Datsun truly struggles with. And guess what the worst part is? The OVRMs cannot be adjusted from the cabin itself, something so minute yet so important.  

The Tiago looks like from a segment above. It was the first car that Tata launched after it had announced that the brand would work towards changing the perception of the customers. The Tiago looks sharp and the design has struck a chord with the customers.

The Tiago does not try to be an SUV and has strong character lines on its body. The car gets a few unique elements like black accents on the rear spoiler, big headlamps, and tail lamps. It is designed to attract youthful buyers. The Tiago looks sporty as well as classy.

The Datsun Go Plus might be low on features but it certainly doesn’t feel cheaply built. In fact, the Go Plus certainly has some of the best fit and finish in its class and offers premiums in terms of the touch and feel of the plastics and switchgear quality. In fact, even little things like the headlight and wiper stalks or the AC knobs feel solid and premium.

The Datsun Go Plus comes with the same simple infotainment system from the Go hatchback. A simple USB charger combined with an AUX input port is all you get. There is a cradle for putting your smartphone or iPod there but most larger new phones don’t really fit, anyway.

Both the cars, Datsun Go Plus or Tata Tiago both have their own strengths and weaknesses. It solely depends on your individual needs and requirements as a consumer.