CEAT Puncture Safe tyres launched: Seal-healing tyre available now

CEAT Tyres offers new initiatives to its clients. While providing step-by-step service last week, the company this time purchased a new set of tyres for its customers called CEAT Puncture Safe, these tyres resist tyre pressure loss after the puncture. This allows the customer to continue their journey without having to stop and repair the tyre. Furthermore, the frame repairs itself and this patented sealing technology has been developed by CEAT. All of these tyres come in a special box package that is said to maintain sealing properties. The 2.5mm diameter nail holes can be fixed by the sealant itself. CEAT says that this sealant lasts the life of the tyre, thereby removing anxiety from the owner's mind. However, a word of caution. There is no seal only in the tread area and not on the sidewalls.

The CEAT Puncture Safe motorcycle frame is now available for passengers, less than 150cc. Passenger bikes are covered by brands like Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj, and Honda.

Only tubeless rims will be able to accommodate this tyre and they come with the Milaze, Secura, and Gripp F series. The maximum section of the tyre is 100-18, while 17-inch alloys and seven different diameters are compatible. This means that only passenger bikes like Hero Passion Pro, Splendor Plus, and Bajaj Discover 150 can be installed with these tyres. If your motorcycle has a much fatter tyre such as Bajaj Pulsar 220F or even Yamaha YZF-R15 tyres then these tyres cannot be installed. CEAT 10/10 awarded in terms of longevity of these tyres and rates slightly lower than the comfort factor. The wet grip is rated, mounted and generally handled slightly above the comfort parameter.

The company is currently selling these tyres at retail in selected South Indian markets. These include Kerala, Bangalore, Mysore, and parts of Ka
ataka, as well as Coimbatore and Salem in Tamil Nadu.

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