Causes of vehicle fires and what to keep in check

People who drive a car are solely responsible for the well-being of their vehicles. It is important to maintain the car’s regular checks otherwise there is always the risk of some uncertain issues which might be harboring under the hood. Issues like faulty wiring or broken parts or leaky seals are generally the common causes that can cause a vehicle fire to break out. rnrnDesign FlawrnrnDesign flaws are one of the main reasons for car malfunctioning and unexpected fires. It is typical for automobile companies to issue a recall to all their car owners when they are made aware of a certain design flaw. Car companies notify the car owners of possible danger and most of the time offer to fix the vehicle free of cost. It is necessary to pay attention to such notices and get one’s car fixed before any serious damage can take place.rnrnElectrical System FailuresrnrnAny car’s standard battery charging cycle can lead to hydrogen gas build up in the engine bay and the electrical current of the battery can be responsible for producing sparks along with loose wiring. Coupled with any dripped fluid or leaked vapors, this can ignite a fire easily. This is a substantial danger since the vehicle’s electrical wiring runs throughout the body.rnrnOverheating EnginernrnWhile the vehicle’s engine generally does not overheat enough to catch fire on its own, it can be hot enough to make the vehicle’s oil and coolant rise to dangerous temperatures. If this happens, these internal fluids can spread throughout the engine bay and onto the exhaust system. This is how they can get dangerously ignited and spread throughout the car.rnrnSpilled FluidsrnrnA vehicle contains numerous flammable liquids like brake fluids, diesel, engine coolant, power steering fluid etc. Their hoses or reservoirs are extremely prone to danger especially when the fluids are circulating. When you combine an accident or a failed part with one of these instances, your chance for fire increases.rnrnAccidentrnrnIf a car meets with an accident and even if the metal sheet absorbs the impact of the crash, a sudden blow is enough to cause a spark. Leaking fluids combined with heat create ideal conditions for a fire. If you are in an accident, you may not realize what is leaking under the hood, so it’s a good idea to always move away from an accident quickly.rnrnAccording to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 20 percent of all accidents are caused due to vehicles fires. In fact, a vehicle fire is said to happen every 96 seconds in the United States. These fires can cause significant property damage so one must have vehicle checked by a shop. Serious or fatal injuries can also arise from fires so it’s essential one is aware of the top common causes of vehicle fires. The more we understand how these fires form, the more likely we will be able to prevent them and stay safe.