Car Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

Is your car engine suddenly producing strange noises like hissing, popping, screaming, etc.? If so, then something is wrong with your vehicle, as cars are not supposed to make strange sounds out of nowhere. In such circumstances, your car's engine needs immediate attention, and it's time to visit your local car service provider to have things checked and fixed. Below we discuss avoiding the types of noise an engine can make and what that means.

What Are The engine noises that indicate your vehicle needs immediate attention?

Most likely, your engine is making one of these five sounds listed below:

Hissing sound:

This is the most common sound your car engine can produce. A hissing sound indicates various problems ranging from air leaks and fluid leaks to an overheated engine. It could also be the result of leaking coolant that makes a hissing noise once it hits hot engine parts. Regardless of the reasons behind the problem, this type should be checked by a certified mechanic.

Popping sound:

The popping sound is very annoying and it disrupts the mood while driving. It is simply an indication of an engine exhaust leak or the result of a dirty air filter that requires cleaning. If this problem pops up, that means that there is something wrong with your car's engine.

Rumbling sound:

Does your engine make an ear-piercing rumbling sound? If so, this should not be ignored. The rumbling sound means that there is likely a hole in the muffler, which is very dangerous as fumes can seep into it. If it is accompanied by vibration, this indicates that the spark plugs in your car are faulty.

Knocking sound:

If you hear a knocking , this means that there is an error in the ignition of the car. A large number of reasons can cause an ignition problem. Therefore, prompt maintenance of the engine is the best possible solution.

Squealing sound:

This kind of sound means there is a brake fault. This could be due to missing pads or just brake wear. To avoid the risk of brake failure, it is best to repair it as soon as possible.

Car Engine Noises

What are the Warning Signs of Engine Failure?

The following warning signs indicate that your engine will fail soon;

  1. Poor mileage.
  2. Change in performance.
  3. Smoke is emitting out of the exhaust.
  4. Sounds like knocking, popping.
  5. Flickering of dashboard lights