Why Buy a Bike When You Can Own a Car

The rainy season has begun and it has been bucketing down from the past one week. Well, are you the one who got drenched while going to an office or your pretty little dress got wet? Congratulations. Because we all are sailing in the same boat. And guess what? it’s time to ditch your two-wheeler.rnrnNot just for rains but there is the list of reasons why you should choose a four-wheeler over a bike. To begin with,rnrn1) Contributing towards less pollutionrnrnEvery passing year, the need to commute and travel has been increasing. The figures in the growth of these sales of vehicles show us the true picture. The population and pollution have shooted up. Riding in a car would save petrol for the other four sitting in your car. rnrn2) TemperaturernrnIf you’re the one who cannot deal with extreme temperatures of India, then you must consider buying a car. Hitting the scorching heat, freezy wind or ditching the continuous downpour, you can save yourself from all of these. You can use the air conditioning available in almost all the cars nowadays. As per research, a moderately cool temperature makes our mind relaxed and minimize human errors.rnrn3) Own Space rnrnA country so collectivistic in nature would usually go to places together. Big fat families people tend to need more space and accommodation for comfort. You can go shop till you drop without worrying about where you would put so many bags. You can take your toddler along and not worry where to keep their things and materials. rnrn4) Convenience and Reliability rnrnYou don't have to wait for a bus or sit next to a man who’s got an aromatic fragrance. You don’t have to take a note of the train stations or busses. Want to go somewhere? Get in the car. That’s the only phrase one could come across. rnrn5) Long Distance JourneysrnrnIf you are in the college looking for trips with your colleagues, this could be one of the most ideal solutions. The freedom and independence it gives you is truly worth it. Also, let it be rushing to your internship office or running late for coaching classes, you can count on your car!rnrnOwning a car is more like owning a mini caravan. You can have all the things you need for the journey easily. You can listen to the kind of music you want and at the same time answer calls in your own personal space. If you think, you still don’t need it, you can also mint money. You can lease your car or give it on rentals at predetermined mileage rates. rnrnIn the age of app cabs, you must be wondering why buy a car. When you can just hire a car at your fingertips, safety is still an issue. And when you own a car, you are free from such problems which look trivial but are major.