BMW bets on iNext to grab its share of the market

In the competition of providing the ultimate tech-savvy luxury car, BMW revealed just a bit of their next upcoming model – the iNext. A little glimpse is enough to throw the automobile industry into a frenzy of speculations. The iNext is going to be a futuristic self-driven car and is expected to make waves in the luxury section of cars so much so as to take over the Mercedes- Benz range.

According to CEO Harald Krueger, the company will unveil more concrete concept about this visionary vehicle by the end of this year. As of now, the company has only revealed a glimpse of this car. Buyers will have to wait till 2021 to own a variety of this range as it will take another three years approximately for this cutting-edge model to hit the showrooms.

BMW is aiming to capture the market of luxury cars and be one step ahead of Mercedes. To make this possible, BMW will be unveiling a whopping number of refreshed models by the end of next year. This count can reach up to 40 vehicles which will set a new benchmark in the history. The company will be relying heavily on popular SUV models like the all-new X2 compact to upscale its popularity once again.


The new iNext is the product of the combination of all possible key technologies which will be used in futuristic vehicles. It will be fully electric and safe. Partial and autonomous driving modes will be applicable. The iNext will be a car with the capability of being a level 3, 4 and 5 car. A level 5 vehicle is capable of driving itself without any inputs from the driver whereas level 3 and level 4 vehicles will be the ones with a steering wheel and the presence of a driver will be mandatory. The model which will be hitting the showrooms in 2021 will be a level 3 vehicle. This mode of technology will enable the driver to engage in other activities however he/she must be ready to take control of the wheels when needed. Level 4 and level 5 cars will need a lot more auxiliary support like good 5G connectivity, superb telecommunication carriers and definitely better road infrastructure which can handle driver-less cars. At level 4 the car would drive itself without intervention from the driver and at level 5 the car would take all the driving decisions on its own.

To meet the high expectations of emission targets the company is also ramping up its EV production. The company reported that R&D outlays are going to cross 7 billion Euros and to finance this investment spree BMW is book-ending its thrust with high-end vehicles such as the series 8.

The iNext- a copper coloured marvel is said to become the new face of BMW’s evolution and will place its name in the world of luxury innovative cars. This concept car is all set to make people re-imagine the thrill of driving as well as modify the entire feeling of being inside a car.