Best Car Accessories in 2020 I Car Gadgets That Are Useful

The Car Accessories market in India is increasing. Gone are the days when only Gear Lock, Cover Covers, and Mud Flaps were seen as accessories. Now the auto aftermarket goes from





cars come standard with heated AC-Basics, power steering, front power windows, ABS with EBD, and airbags available as standard equipment on over 95% of all car models sold in India. Until April 2019, the reverse parking sensor will also be standard on all models in India.

We will not tell you here about mats, mud flaps, body cover, perfume, or divine divinity, which is available as standard from all dealers when selling the car. But instead, there are more essential accessories if you don't have your car.

Top 5 Basic yet Essential Car Accessories


1. Gear Lock

Particularly useful as the first major accessory to secure your car. Gear The AutoCop / MultiCop Gear design will range from Rs 1500 to 2000 and is available in U Type and Pin Type Gear Lock.

Best Car Accessories   Best Car Accessories 2021

2.  Reverse Parking Sensors 

Although the reverse co
er sensor started to become standard in 2019 onwards in most models. However, with an old car, you can get the cost of the parking sensor with proportions in the range of Rs. 3000 - Rs. 4000. Buy one, which is also provided with the distance, which will show away from the beep.

Best Car Accessories


3. Cabin AC Pollen Filter:

It is surprising that most hatchback cars and even some compact sedans are sold without the AC vaccine filter. The car's AC filter on pollen, bacteria, and exhaust fumes improves the efficiency and cooling of the vehicle's long-term air conditioning system. Ideally, a supplement should be purchased. The cost is from 350 rupees to 650. The lifespan is around 10,000 km when a replacement is required.

Cabin AC Pollen Filter


4. Headlight Upgrade:

Buy a hatchback, compact sedan, compact SUV, or sedan field. If your car is not equipped with LED or HID displays, there is a high possibility that basic halogen lights will be installed in your vehicle, whose night vision is poor. Important to update the headlight using

Simple plug-and-play halogen bulbs come with an improved thread design like Philips Xtreme Vision Plus or Osram Night Breaker Unlimited. The guarantee will not be affected. It costs only 1500 rupees for a pair of bulbs.
Or upgrade by choosing HID with monitors. The warranty depends on the coupler to the coupler and whether the serial cables are not cut, cut, or cut. From 8,000 rupees to 20,000 rupees. Avoid overlooking 4300K ​​bulbs as they glow on the opposite side of the driver

Headlight Upgrade

5. Mobile Charger, Car Mobile Mount 

If your car is not equipped with a direct navigation system in the form of Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Don't miss out on a good mobile charger along with Car Mobile Mount to use to install your mobile phone when you use it to navigate Google Maps. Avoid the cheap Chinese-made Mountain Mobile. Go with a zap, crown, or pioneer reputation at Mobile Mount whose mount stays installed in most weather conditions.

Mobile Charger


Car Accessories For Security


1. Security Alarm System

Promote the central locking of your car by using the security alert system. If an intruder tries to open doors or open the car manually through a window, broken window or windshield, the security alarm will sound with complete protection against the density of the vehicle against unauthorized infiltrations. The cost is around Rs 5000 in the aftermarket of Autocop and Dealer Shower will sell the same price from Rs 7000 to Rs 10,000.

Security Alarm System


2. Car Gps Tracker :

GPS Tracker can be hidden in the car, which is an excellent protection device in case of an emergency in case of theft of your beloved car, to locate the movements of the vehicle. However, it is extremely important that the GPS device is hidden in a way that makes it difficult for the thief to find it. GPS Tracker now comes in a small device format and can be easily hidden

Phonenix, Maymy India, AutoCop, and Trak n Tell are some of the popular brands that have heard of providing a car tracker.

Car Gps Tracker


Safety Accessories for your Car


1. Pair of Front Fog Lights


Especially useful if you live in North India or in foggy areas during winter. It helps you drive and fog up during winter. The approximate cost of direct-mount fog lights ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 for most Hatch and Sedan cars. In the rare case, if there is no light fog provision on the bumper, some parts may be needed and the cost may be slightly on the top side.


Pair of Front Fog Lights


2. Auto-Dimming IRVM

A very useful accessory, if you drive frequently at night or on the road. Protects by blurring the brightness of the headlights in the rearview mirror from excess vehicles on the back. Although it costs 5000 to 6000 rupees, but considering the maximum security, it should be on the radar list.

Auto-Dimming IRVM


3.TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Very basic, as before taking a long-distance trip or night driving you can see if the tire pressure is correct or not. As with tubeless tires: If there is a hole in the picture, tire pressure will be lost in the continuous drive or hours of paint tint. Knowledge can avoid the same premises as above by seeing a drop of taking an alte
ative in time.

Sensairy and Blaupunkt are the leaders in TPMS solutions. The cost is from 6,000 rupees to 15,000 rupees

Blaupunkt TPMS System


4. DashCam (DVR - Digital Video Recorder) -

The dashcam is an important safety feature and is recorded on the road. Shooting can be important when driving on the road and can be useful in some critical situations. Go with the one that comes with the Geolocation function, built-in where the vehicle record should automatically move to the cloud data, so that one can save the previous records, otherwise in case of an error in the memory data of the car if it is damaged in the event of an accident that will have no purpose

Good Dash Cam can be priced anywhere in the Rs 10,000 range and above and brands like Transcend are the leader.

DashCamDigital Video Recorder

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Other Convenience Car Accessories 




1. Rear View Camera

No need to force your head while backing up the car. You need a camera. The reversing camera will cost Rs 3,000 to Rs 7,000: basic functions, color clarity, which is an added bonus with the parking sensor. Note: The rearview camera contains only one camera, and sensors in the form of parking sensors may be required. However, it is recommended to use one that comes with an IRVM mirror mount vision along with grid lines for directional movement and this is the best eye position while reversing the vehicle. It can cost in the range of Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000


Rear View Camera

2. Bluetooth:

Must be one of those that receive frequent calls. With Bluetooth: You can accept or reject calls as a hands-free phone interface and use a microphone in the car to facilitate communication. The cost of the Bluetooth device ranges from 3500 to 5000 rupees.








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