Auto Expo around the World!

Wondering what auto expos are? Auto Expos are held all over the world as a way of the automotive industry to showcase their classic as well as current models. It is also used as a means of showcasing debut cars, or to reveal future concepts. Around the world there are several auto expos that take place throughout the year. The shows at Geneva, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris and Detroit, however, are considered to be the best and known as the “Big Five”.
With 17.6 million new cars being sold every year, it is no wonder that there was a need to be able to show these new designs and concepts to the people across the world.

North American International Auto Show: Started in 1899, it was only the second of its kind. Now it is held every year in Detroit, usually at the beginning of the year. The show lasts for about two weeks and it is home to some of the biggest American names in the industry. The current venue, Cobo Centre, occupies nearly 1 million sq. feet of space. However, with the recent absence of certain luxury companies, this show may see a change in its timing in the recent years in order to increase the number of featured companies.

International Geneva Motor Show: This show is held in March of every year in the city of Geneva. It was first held in 1905, and its popularity has only grown since then. Now, it is considered to be one the most important automotive shows around the world. Why did you wonder? The show is held for at least 10 days, and the focus of it shifts according to the trends. Not only production cars but concept cars are heavily featured and they often steal the show.

Paris Motor Show: It is a biennial show held during October in the city of Paris. In 2014 it was one of the most visited auto expo shows, surpassing even Tokyo. The first ever show was held in 1898 and since then it has achieved much popularity over the years. Until 1976, the show was held annually. Like all other shows around the world, it features concept a well as production cars.

Tokyo Motor Show: The first ever show was held in 1954 and it was known as the All Japan Motor Show. However, due to circumstances, since 1973, the show has continued biennially. But did you know this show is known for having more number of concept cars rather than production cars? It is held at the Tokyo Big Sight during October to November. With different themes every year, the show definitely piques the interest of many. The theme for the 2017 show was “Beyond the Motor”.

International Motor Show: Also known as the International Motor Show Germany is one of the biggest car shows around the world. Prior to 1991 the show was solely held in Frankfurt. However, did you know? it now features passenger vehicles every odd-numbered year in Frankfurt and commercial vehicles every even-numbered year in Hanover.