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Audi unveiled the e-tron 50 the entry-level that comes with a smaller 71 kWh battery capable of producing 312 horsepower of power and 540 Nm of torque. It provides a 300 km range with 0-100 km / h in 7 seconds. Get the most bells and whistles with the Quattro 4WD and Quadruple Steering. No pricing yet, and Audi may introduce e-tron 50 in India soon.

Audi officially unveiled an e-tron SUV in India. The e-tron will be the same as that sold abroad and will be transported to India via the CBU route. It is expected to be priced at Rs 1.40 crore (ex-showroom pan India).

The e-tron is powered by two electric motors driving the four wheels. With a 360PS production, the e-tron can do 0-100 km per hour in 6.6 seconds. It also has a boost mode where the power numbers rise to 408PS and the time from 0-100 km / h is reduced by 0.9 seconds. Electric motors operate on a 95 kWh battery and the e-tron is capable of 400 km at full charge.




Audi India has unveiled its first fully-electric SUV, e-tron, and has announced plans to launch it here in late 2019. Audi e-tron will become the first fully electric luxury car to be launched in the country and will be brought in as CBUs (fully built units) From the company's organic factory in Brussels. It is expected to be priced at Rs 1.40 crore (India's previous showroom) onwards.

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Audi  e-tron Audi  e-tron

Have a look at the size comparison of the SUVs:


  Audi e-tron Audi Q7
Length (mm) 4901 5052
Width (mm) 1935 1968
Height (mm) 1629 1740
Wheelbase (mm) 2928 2980


Audi  e-tron Powertrain And Battery Pack:

Audi e-tron is powered on two electric motors, one on each axle. This configuration allows an electric version of the quattro four-wheel drive system. By producing a combined force of 408PS and 664 Nm of torque in "Boost" mode, the e-tron can cruise at 0-100 km per hour in 5.7 seconds and reach a speed of 200 km per hour. The Audi e-tron also has a regular model with output power limited to 360PS and the number from 0-100 km / h in 6.6 seconds. But the e-tron is not performance-related, it's supposed to be an electric alte
ative to the comfortable and luxurious SUV that fits between the Q5 and Q7.

The power of electric motors is a 95kWh lithium-ion battery located on the ground. Able to reach a range of 400 km / h, the battery pack supports a charging capacity of 150 kW and can charge from zero to 80 percent in thirty minutes with a quick charger. Audi will also offer a standard home charger with e-tron that charges e-tron in about 8.5 hours. The car maker also claims that the e-tron can do 88 kilometers on a 10-minute charge. As with hybrid and electric cars, e-tron features brake recovery technology where brake energy and slow charging are used to charge the battery.

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image Audi  e-tron

Audi e-tron features:

Audi e-tron has a lot of technology to justify the brand slogan " Vorsprung Durch Technik ", also known as Progress Through Technology. ORVM devices are replaced by rear cameras that display the scene on screen on the door cushions, and the driver can also adjust the display according to their needs. The rear cameras also help improve the aerodynamics of the SUV, which has a very low drag resistance factor of 0.27cd. The fully electric SUV comes with adaptive air suspension that allows you to raise / lower (ground clearance from 170mm to 200mm), and to strengthen / soften the suspension depending on the terrain. It also comes with an all-wheel steering system to enhance your driving experience.

Audi  e-tron  Style and dimensions:

Audi e-tron is typical of Audi with clean lines all the time. The front end  dominates the massive octagonal grille now featuring active cooling vents for engine cooling. A pair of stylish LED headlights with Audi Matrix LED technology surround the grid. Clean lines and massive 20-inch alloy wheels dominate the e-tron side, and there is a muscle wave that starts over the rear wheel and flows cleanly towards the tailgate. The connected taillights complement the cake in the back.

Also, if you look closely, the e-tron follows the quattro feature in its ubiquitous design. Do you want a guide? Look closely under the headlights, ventilation and alloys; they have four lines that pass through it.

Being 5 seats, the e-tron has a lot of space inside, and this is especially true at the rear. The four-seat e-tron is still at best, but the leg and knee room is much better than the Q5.

The e-tron, unlike many mode
cars and considering that it is a fully electric SUV, has enough space in the box to get a space-saving frame.

Audi  e-tron Audi  e-tron

Audi  e-tron   Interior and features:

The interior of the e-tron follows the latest Audi design language, which can also be seen in the recent Q7 facelift. Two large touch screens dominate the center console and are conce
ed with all features including infotainment, entertainment, climate control, driving modes and more. The e-tron also comes with features like the exclusive Audi virtual cockpit, ambient lighting, four zone climate control (yes, individual passenger cooling in the back as well!), Wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, 360 ° camera and Bang & Olufsen sound system.

Audi e-tron is definitely a weirdo, but the quality, fit and finish of the materials used make them look just as luxurious as they should be. Whether it is a leather seat, matte plate, chrome plate or lining, the e-tron is a suitable luxury SUV.

Audi  e-tron  Price:

As mentioned earlier, Audi e-tron will be priced at Rs 1.40 crore, excluding exposure to India. But with the FAME II plan from the gove
ment of India, it might not cost much on the way. Some states have started offering zero registrations, road taxes and even incentives to buy electric cars. With only annual insurance premiums and a promised 8-year undercarriage warranty (batteries and motors), it can be affordable for everyone. In addition, there is a worker who feels good about limiting environmental damage.

While e-tron is unparalleled in India, it faces Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQC in inte
ational markets.

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