Ashok Leyland Launches Variants of Guru and Boss Trucks in India

Ashok Leyland Ltd. has announced the state-of-the-art variations of its transitional commercial vehicle (ICV) ‘Guru 1010’ and medium-duty vehicle (MDV) variation of Boss — the Boss 1616 and Boss 1916 — in Mumbai.rnrnThe Guru 1010 offers an amalgamation of fuel efficiency and cargo that make sure for more revenues per kilometer, though the Boss 1616 and Boss 1916 syndicate both freight and performance the company told.rnrn“Our trucking range has been emerging at a fast speed, heading to our consumers want more and more alternatives and customization in their vehicle. The innovative Guru 1010, Boss 1616 and Boss 1916 are a consequence of customer response and market necessities,” Anuj Kathuria, president, worldwide trucks, Ashok Leyland, told.rnrn“Both Guru and Boss array of trucks, are the ideal selection of conveyance in their individual weight sections. We have moved further this effective platform for the innovative types and included lots of features that our consumers want offering productivity and driver ease,” he told.rnrnFuel efficiencyrnrnHe told these vehicles to get vastly on fuel efficiency, freight, efficiency. Guru, the new generation intermediary vehicle, was presented in respect of an unexploited requirement in the section of esteemed cargo, he told.rnrnThe Boss range includes 16 and 18.5 loads built for improved axle-load according to the new rules.rnrnAshok Leyland is a top industrialist of trucks in India, particularly as much as medium duty and long-lasting trucks are considered. However the Ashok Leyland trucks are well-known in M&HCV section, the company has recently emerged into ICV trucks and LCV trucks section too.rnrnPower-driven by H-Series engine, the M&HCV series of Ashok Leyland trucks are esteemed for their class leading distance and lower maintenance. In BSIV time as well, though lots of commercial vehicle makers in India have shifted to SCR technology to come across secretion standards, Ashok Leyland trucks are motorized by EGR technology which does not need any further ingesting of ad-blue. rnrnThus, in BSIV era yet again, Ashok Leyland trucks have engraved a position for themselves. The well-renowned Ashok Leyland trucks in this transport class are Ashok Leyland 1618, Ashok Leyland 2518, Ashok Leyland 3118 and Ashok Leyland 3718. Ashok Leyland 4923 & Ashok Leyland 4019 are the popular prototypes in tractor preview category. rnrnThe firm has formed 2 umbrella brands in the M&HCV trucks section that is – Ashok Leyland U trucks and the Ashok Leyland Captain chains. Both these varieties are available at all leading GVW nodes and vary in terms of cabin design, structure, aesthetics & engine. Ashok Leyland 4123 is another time a brand new 41 ton GVW truck with 10x2 axle formation and 16 wheels, shortly to arrive in the Indian trucks market.rnrnEven though the company emerged into ICV & LCV trucks division fairly a few years back, Ashok Leyland has come about with a comprehensive range of vehicles under diverse umbrella brands such as Econet range, Boss Series and the Ashok Leyland Guru. The well-known models under Boss range are Ashok Leyland Boss 913, Ashok Leyland Boss 1113, Ashok Leyland Boss 1213 and the lately presented Ashok Leyland Boss 1413. rnrnIn the same way, the older Ecomet range comprises of models such as Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1012, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1212 and the state-of-the-art being Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1214 with sophisticated GVW and freight than rivalry. Ashok Leyland Guru 1111 is a one of a kind truck with a 3 cylinder engine which assists to offer top-class mileage in this part. In the LCV sector, a company has prolonged its portfolio under Partner brand name. Ashok Leyland Partner truck is available in various structures of 4 wheels and 6 wheels with diverse GVW points.rnrnRead More- Top Auto Ancillaries Companies in India