2018 Ford Mustang is Almost Here!

This time the Ford is all set for a good surprise for the auto lovers and the buyers out there. The Ford is always known for something interesting to come with. How many of you get into your knee after watching the Ford Mustang?  a lot of you, probably. This is what the surprise Ford has for all the Auto lovers.  Guess what? That stylish and strong car is spotted in India. So you must be all set for the Ford Mustang in the year 2018 with a strong kick start with this model.

Well, there is news coming from the insiders that the muscular car will be in the showrooms in 2018. The Ford is always in the arena with something new and fascinating for the buyers. Ford Mustang as when it will come in Indian market, it will rock. The model is spotted in a stockyard in its blue shade without any camouflage and is expected to pack 466PS under the large bonnet.

Earlier there were rumors that model will be in, as in 2018. The picture came is credible to the rumors. The company has maintained a distance from the Auto Expo 2018. It will launch the Mustang before the event. Meanwhile the Ford is expected to launch the pony car by Q3 this year.

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The Mustang is a power pack of luxury, design and style in a way that will enable the buyer to guess the difference in a more methodical way. It continued to be powered by the same 5.0-liter, naturally aspirated V-8 motor. However, both the torque and power have received a bump this time around.

The model is a stylish outlook of the ford series to take up your heart away. It caters to the need of the buyer, the power, flexibility and design in a comprehensive way. Although this engine is available in the global market with 6-speed manual, we will most probably get an automatic gearbox. You better expect the 2018 with the Ford’s latest 10-speed ‘SelectShift’ automotive transmission.

There is a chance we might get the lesser tune as described for the above model. This can be attributed to low quality of the fuel available in the Indian market. The current model seems to be facing the similar issue here also. Though the model is perfectly fine and will be good to ferry you.

The Mustang has a great design and powerful outlook. It is a wonderful association with the previous models to give the best of the quality. And when it comes to the looks, the model is quite sharp compared to the older versions. It is all because of the redesigned bonnet, grille, and bumper.